ARCTIS Celeda, s.r.o.


Vzduchová čerpadla

Service, delivery, installation:
- refrigeration technology
- industrial cooling
- household cooling - authorized warranty service of Electrolux, AEG, ZANUSSI, LIEBHERR, VESTFROST, NORDLINE, SNAIGE, ROMO and Whirlpool brands
- cooling to shops, establishments
- cooling, freezing boxes
- refrigerating, freezing furniture,
- tap equipment, beverage cooling.

Assembly, service, delivery:
- air conditioning - air conditioning technology of all types
- air conditioning of construction machinery and heavy construction and transport equipment.

Recuperation, air conditioning:
- performance,
- cleaning,
- service inspections,
pressure tests.

Retail sales as well as warranty and post-warranty service:
- refrigeration furniture
- household cooling
- refrigerators, freezers
- cheap cooling for households
- spare parts for refrigeration equipment.

Czech Companies:    

Pumps, compressors and high-pressure equipment


Refrigerating and cooling equipment


Air conditioning and ventilation