AUTOSKLO TS Ostrava s.r.o.

Dukelska trida 26, Brno - Husovice 614 00
Autosklo TS has been one of the leading sellers of car windows in the Czech Republic since 1991. It specializes in the wholesale and retail sales of car windows from leading European manufacturers, such as Pilkington, Guardian, AGC and Sekurit Saint Gobain. It provides its services in the area of sales and replacement of car windows in several establishments in Bohemia and Moravia, such as in Prague, Brno, Valašské Meziříčí, Ostrava, Frýdek Místek and Havířov.

Car glass tinting
- 7 year warranty
- decorative purpose, reduction of unwanted mirror effect
- wide color range
- assembly can be realized without disassembly of car windows
- use of automotive films from Madico
1. Absorption foil (TG, CH) - decoration, screen against UV and light radiation
2. Metallized foils with suppressed reflection (AB, ON, OP) - protection against glare and sun heat
3. Clear security film (STC) - makes it more difficult to force it
- installation of solar car films - increased resistance to scratches and chemical wear due to Teflon layer

Replacement of car windows
- cooperation with several insurance companies
- taking photos, repairs, completion of all formalities
- replacement of windshield - from statutory insurance, supplementary insurance or accident insurance

Tire service
- sale of new and retreaded tires for passenger and commercial vehicles
- assembly, disassembly, balancing of tires
- changing of tires, including tires for motorcycles and ATVs
- washing tires, including discs, wheel tightening
- tire inflation
- storage of tires, including discs
- ecological destruction
- sale of discs and alloy wheels

Car service
- service of passenger cars of all brands
- quick service
- inspection and repair of chassis
- car interior cleaning
- preparation of vehicles for MOT, emission measurement
- inspection and replacement of brake pads
- replacement of exhausts, operating fluids
- test and replacement of car batteries
- installation of towing equipment
- towing service, storage of a crashed car, rental of a spare

Car glass repairs
- repairs of cars and trucks, buses
- clear, tinted and heated glass

Wind shield
- windscreen protection by strengthening with certified car foils - reduce overheating of the interior, reduce glare from sunlight

Roof car window
- Farmont roof car windows - more than 20 types
- high quality, 10-year warranty on mechanical parts
- seals, spare glass
- assembly, professional advice

Disguises and car stickers
- change of paint color, protective layer of the body
- hybrid PVC - high ductility without subsequent shrinkage
- Colorchange coating films, Stoneprotect coating films, Vista View films

Vehicle security
- non-removable Defend Lock
- car identification VIN code

Fleet management
- vehicle tracking
- electronic logbook
- control of fuels and costs
- technical condition management
- protection of the vehicle against theft or misuse

Car rental
- Škoda passenger cars, Citroën commercial vehicles
- Possibility to rent navigation, trailer, roof rack, child seat or car refrigerator
- included in the rental price: legal and accident insurance for the whole of Europe, road tax, motorway stamp, service and tire service work, winter and summer tires, MOT and emissions, assistance service, mandatory equipment
- Possibility to rent a car with the driver

Towing equipment
- sales and installation of towing equipment - Ostrava

  • car overhauling, automobile maintenance, complete car repair shop services
  • sales of passenger cars, car rent service, sedan sales, car accessory sales, passenger car servicing, authorised car dealer
  • vehicle towing, road accident removal, crashed cars transport
  • tire services, sales of summer tires, changing of motor vehicle tires, winter tires
  • cars and motorcycles, trucks and lorries, four-wheelers and minibikes, agricultural equipment
  • front windscreen, sale of side windows, car rear windshields, automobile glazing
  • spare car parts, spare car batteries, spare car light bulbs, windshield wipers for cars, car air-conditioning parts, fuel hoses, automotive gaskets, automotive electronics, interior equipment of vehicles

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