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Company Hanna Instruments Czech s.r.o. is the operator of an e-shop with analytical instruments from the world's leading manufacturer. We provide solutions, laboratory measuring instruments for analytical applications in industries, laboratories and field.

E-shop, products, measuring and laboratory instruments, choice of assortment 3000 products:
- Table and portable technology for measuring pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen
- spectrometers and photometers
- measuring instruments with ISE electrodes
- turbidimeters, turbidity meters
- reagent kits
- testers, Checkers
- titrations, automatic titrators and mini-titrators
- refractrometers
- digital thermometers
- magnetic stirrers
- buffers, calibration solutions and standards
- process analysis.

Providing service in the CR.

Hanna Instruments products are developed and manufactured in our own manufacturing facilities in the US and EU countries, where they work with an established and certified quality system.
The company is the first manufacturer of pH testers in the world.

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