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  • hereditary right, ownership right, divorces and alimony, business company right, defence in preparatory proceeding

Law Office Zlín Mgr. Pavlíny Řehová provides legal advice, services in the field of lawsuits, public contracts, receivables, commercial, family, civil law and community of apartment owners (SVJ).

We always approach our clients individually so that we can best meet their requirements and needs. We specialize mainly in commercial and civil law as well as assistance in enforcement and execution. We are also able to provide services in English.

Legal services are intended for:
 - citizens
 - sole traders
 - spolky
 - trading companies
 - towns and villages.

Our law firm solves:
- legal advice
- receivables
- debt relief
- drawing up contracts
- transfers of property, real estate, easements, gift contracts
- representation in courts, drafting of claims and other filings with the courts
- divorce management, distribution
- lease contracts, leases
- property settlement
- issues of child care, alimony
- statements.

Civil Law:
- contracts for the transfer of real estate, rental, gift, purchase, etc.,
- property disputes,
- property relations,
- recovery of claims, execution proceedings.

Insolvency law and incidental disputes:
- petition to open proceedings (legal person),
- debt relief (natural person),
- a claim may be lodged in the ongoing proceedings.

Law of Cooperatives and Housing Owners Association (SVJ):
- establishment, establishment and registration in a public register,
- report of the JU,
- the founding documents and their revisions,
- recovery of claims.

Housing issues:
- drafting leases, purchase of flat or non-residential premises,
- dismissal, claim for eviction, end of tenancy,
- leases and sublets,
- recovery of claims.

Business corporation law:
- establishment, modification, management,
- drafting of contracts,
- trade disputes,
- the registration of a claim in bankruptcy proceedings.

Family law:
- divorce,
- property settlement,
- alimony.

Labor law:
- the creation, modification and termination of employment,
- labor rights of employees,
- disputes between employees and employers,
- material responsibility,
- damages.

At the same time, we also deal with the law on municipalities, public contracts and provide legal advice for contracting authorities (towns, municipalities).

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