technologicke celky

  • screws and nuts, anchor equipment, threaded rods, nails and washers, metal fasteners

  • spare parts for machines, engineering spare parts, machine accessories, automotive industry components

  • equipment for chemical industry, machinery for dispersion, machines for chemical engineering, plastics processing machinery

  • engineering production, metal processing, steel structures, building metalworking, structures welding, metal machining

  • products of stainless steel, steel water tanks, accumulation reservoirs, solar tanks

  • metal tanks and manholes, metal containers, metal cesspits, metal silos, metal waste containers

  • bottling lines, bottle filling machines, packaging of food products, dosing and sealing machine

  • stainless steel vessels, water containers, expansion tanks, compressor and pump systems

PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY, a.s. they are a traditional engineering company whose roots go back to the second half of the 19th century. We focus on the production and supply of complex technological and process units for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as agriculture. In our production area, we are number one in the Czech Republic and we also have a significant share in foreign markets. We are located in the town of Pacov in the Pelhřimov district at Nádražní 697.

Engineering, production, repair, service:
- complex technological and process units for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries
- industrial distilleries
- fruit distilleries and distilleries
- filtration apparatus
- fermentation dryers
- autoclaves
- brewing technologies, breweries and mini-breweries
- cooking vessels, whirlpools
- tank, tanks, fermentation tanks, lager, cylindroconical, overpressure, for yeast
- sanitation tanks
- cold producers
- stainless steel boilers and storage tanks for the storage of hot drinking or service water in domestic or industrial water distribution systems
- technological lines for cooling and storage of milk from production
- cooling tanks, baths
- ice water producers
containers for pasteurizing milk
- pressure vessels, formulation boilers, tube exchangers, reactors, condensers, storage tanks .................... and others.

- spare parts
- milk jugs
- Boilers
- fasteners.

Company store:
tel .: 606 619 157, 565 410 249
Mon - Fri 6.00 - 15.00

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Nadrazni 697
Pacov 395 01
+420 565 410 111

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