Trojek, a.s.

  • building demolitions, dismantling of constructions, demolition of building parts, rehabilitation of buildings, disposal of technological equipment, construction debris disposal

  • installation of waste basket networks, waste separation, waste disposal, direct recycling, indirect recycling

  • rubbish dump management, waste collection yard, waste sorting, waste management, ecological disposal of wrecks

Trojek a.s.v Krnov specializes in the purchase and collection of scrap metal, ferrous, non-ferrous and non-ferrous metals, recycling and demolition work. It ranks among the most important companies in the Czech Republic working in this field.

We provide ecological processing:
- scrap metal
- scrap metal
- ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals
- non-ferrous metals.

Our other work includes:
 - qualified classification
 - work with metallurgical materials
 - collecting scrap metal in containers
 - demolition work
 - disposal of hazardous waste and machinery.

Thanks to high-quality fleet and sufficient containers we ensure regular export of all metal waste.

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Trojek, a.s.


Vrchlickeho 844/22
Krnov 794 01
+420 731 533 980

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