CARTINT, s.r.o.
Profesionalni tonovani autoskel Brno

Cartint company for clients from the region of Brno performs sun and 3D applications, wrap foil for cars - autofolie.
We also provide tinting windshields without dismantling, tinting windows, glass buildings and supply safety glass for buildings.

We supply and apply various window films to buildings - security, solar and thermal insulation.

For companies and private individuals we offer car body stickers in the form of a change-over foil on part of the car or the whole body.

We have clients all over Moravia
Our workshop:
 -Zlin-Louky, Pod Sternberkem 306.

3D wrapping foils or wrap foils are suitable for partial or complete coating of the body of various means of transport.
It's a cheaper and faster option than body painting, you can easily change the color and design of your vehicle.
This body film ensures long-term protection of the vehicle's original paintwork.
Use the services of our Studio Design By Cartint - we will design, produce and apply original advertising stickers for private cars and company cars.

Car glass tinting, special film is applied without dismantling the glass.
Reduce the visibility of what's inside the interior by using the darkened glass on your car, and don't be in the thief's viewfinder.

We supply various types of window films for building glass:
 - thermal insulation foil for interior is used where there are heat losses through windows or doors, you can choose them in different color variants
 - solar, interior insulation foil - its application also reduces heating costs
 - solar reflective foil with application from outside on the contrary prevents heat transfer to the interior through windows, so it is desirable where in summer we need to cool the interior
 - both clear and tinted safety foils are used in industrial operations, for primary schools, kindergartens at glass surfaces or doors, where we need to minimize the possibility of injury in the event of glass breakage, etc.

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