Demonta T, s.r.o.
Vykup papiru a barevnych kovu Louny

Demonta T, s.r.o. focuses on the purchase of paper, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metals and waste at its Louny branch. We are also the place of take-back of electrical equipment and batteries.

We will deliver a container to production companies that produce large amounts of scrap metal, ensure its collection and disposal of scrap metal. We buy from companies and individuals:

- iron
- Non-ferrous metals
- copper
- aluminium
- bronze
- paper
- stainless steel
- cables
- electric motors.

We only charge for redemption on account or by postal order.
Purchase prices of iron, copper, aluminum as well as purchase prices of paper will be glad to inform you of employees of individual purchase centers.

We sort, process and sell all purchased metal. In this way we save not only nature but also exhaustible resources for humanity.

The purchase of metals and metal scrap is carried out at Demonta T in the following premises:

- Ostrava - Hermanice, Orlovska
- Karvina - Mizerov, Zizkova
- Karvina - Frystat, U Trate
- Cesky Tesin, Tovarni
- Cesky Tesin, Na Horkach
- Havirov - City, Moscow
- Petrvald, Ostrava
- Jablunkov - Navsi
- Knezeves 238, Horesedly
- Kladno, On The Hill
- Louny, Říční Street.

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Demonta T, s.r.o.


Louny 440 01
+420 602 865 573

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