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We are engaged in the production of sandwich noise bar panels, noise systems with unique properties.

There are 3 variants of noise barriers to choose from:
-Akustik P - basic variant, used for outdoor applications.
The panel is delivered in galvanized version. Available in different colors.
-Akustik D - demanding design variant, always available in full color. The panel is ideal for interior and exterior use.
-Akustik L - is a lightweight lightweight aluminum-steel version of panel P, also for interior and exterior.

We supply noise control systems.
Noise protection walls - it is a modular system for mounting noise protection walls. Supplied as a kit, or including assembly. This system is easy and easy to assemble.
For installation is suitable type panel Akustik P in dimensions 2000x1000, it is possible to add height by additional panel. Available in full color according to RAL color chart or in galvanized version.

Noise protection covers - it is always a custom production, according to the customer's needs or technology that needs to be sound-insulated.
The base of the cover is a supporting steel structure, where AKUSTIK panels are inserted. The structures can be equipped with doors, gates, automatic gates and other elements.
We also design and supply systems for internal cooling and air exchange as standard.

Facade cladding - AKUSTIK panel, several variants of panel mounting can be used. The best solution is to use a lightweight panel AKUSTIK L. It can be supplemented with a color foil, which will enliven the spaces or external cladding of buildings.

The main goal of our company is customer satisfaction and providing quality services in the field of ventilation, air conditioning and acoustics.

Production, sale, work:
Air conditioning, acoustics:
-realization of air conditioning
- revision of fire dampers
-for sports halls, restaurants, kitchens
- renowned manufacturers
- regular service
- Noise reduction of ventilation systems, acoustic treatment
-ventilation and dehumidification of swimming pools
- processing of acoustic studies
-measuring indoor and outdoor noise
-Advertising and processing proposals for noise reduction.

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