Stavos Stavba a.s. Ostrava

The company Stavos Stavba a.s. Since 1991 he has been operating on the market as a general contractor for public and private investors. In addition to the sale of buildings, we also provide their construction, insulation of prefabricated houses, flats and houses, their revitalization and reconstruction. We strive to provide the best housing services for our clients.

Building company:
 - construction of houses, flats, terraced houses
 - new buildings, non-residential premises
 - family houses, turnkey housing
 - reconstruction
 - modernization
 - adjustments
 - redevelopment, static securing of buildings
 - thermal insulation, insulation of prefabricated houses
 - residential and technical construction
 - reconstruction of balconies
 - regeneration of building shells, revitalization of panel and apartment buildings
 - construction of hard surfaces.

 - terraced houses, apartments
 - residential houses.

 - apartments
 - suspension footbridges.

With us you can choose:
- flats for rent in Mitušova - Ostrava Hrabůvka street,
- family houses in the Silesian Ostrava region,
- sale and rent of apartments (new building) in the street Provaznická - Ostrava Hrabůvka.

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Stavos Stavba a.s. Ostrava


U Studia 3189/35
Ostrava - Zabreh 700 30
+420 595 700 211

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