Zelenina Kuparovice
Jiri Kratochvil

  • direct import of fruit, exotic fruit, potatoes, salads, season vegetables, herbs, dry fruit

  • red peppers, yellow peppers, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, iceberg lettuces, cucumbers and potatoes, sweet potatoes, red radishes, root vegetables

  • fruit growing, sales of fruit trees, distribution of dry fruits, subtropical fruit, tropical fruit

Jiří and Kateřina Kratochvíl are engaged in small-scale cultivation of vegetables and fruits in Kupařovice in their own fields. We sell tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, cauliflower, cabbage and pickles and other types of always fresh vegetables. We also focus on self-collection of strawberries.

We run our own shop, where we sell fresh sprouts - up to 35 species in the season. We provide sales from mid-May to October.

We always sell only fresh vegetables, which we harvest in the morning and are immediately brought to the store.

With us you will find:
- peppers - white, green, goat horns sweet and hot
- Carrots
- pumpkins
- potatoes
- onions
- garlic
- celery and parsley
- cucumbers
- tomatoes - also for ketchup or lecho
- eggplant

We also have for sale capsicum peppers that do not ripen in the field.

From the fruit, we have Moravian and Kupařovice plums and blueberries, nectarines and peaches and melons.

If you want to collect good and fresh strawberries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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