Arnak s.r.o.

Arnak s.r.o. specializes in the production and sale of covering, covering tarpaulins of all kinds and distribution of technical and construction textiles and geotextiles. Delivered goods can be purchased directly in the e-shop of Arnak s.r.o. or we can tailor its production according to individual needs.We sew for example pool sails, garden sails, car covers, solar, etc.

Covering, covering sheets:
 - waterproof swimming pool, solar, garden, canvas covers, stalls, canopies, canopy, pergolas, tarpaulins to cover the pool, sidecar.

Pool sails:
 - circular and oval shape
 - high durability, long life.
Tarpaulins for cars and motorbikes:
 - protection against weathering, dust, frost, winter spreading.

 - high quality polypropylene and polyester
 - resistance to alkaline and acidic environments, to common solvents.
Waterproofing and packaging foils.
Mulch fabric.

Shading fabrics and nets.

Cords and rubber cords:
 - interwoven, spiral, weft, warp knitted
 - cotton, polyester, polyamide, polypropylene.

 Custom sewing.

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