TENZONA s.r.o.

  • resistance temperature sensors, thermo-electric temperature sensors, bimetallic thermometers, pressure gauges, level sensors, flow meters, heat meter, heat controllers

  • shop checkouts, inventory systems, barcode readers, labelling pincers, cash drawers, electronics for shops

Company TENZONA s.r.o. specializes on the Czech market for a comprehensive supply of industrial scales, especially road and rail scales, made-to-measure, crane scales, truck scales and platform scales. Modern weighing technology from TENZONA s.r.o. It will give you accurate weighing values while reducing your operating costs.

Road Scales - Automobile scales, scales for cars and trucks
   - TENZONA - POWERCELL PDX technology
 - extensive experience gained through many years of experience
 - equipped with a high-end strain gauge sensor with digital output and built-in A / D converter
 - cable connector
 - operational reliability, easy maintenance, clear diagnostic messages

   - TENZONA analog
 - standard sensor with analog output and built-in A / D converter

   - Reconstruction of older scales
 - the use of new prefabricated reinforced concrete or existing weighing bridges with reinforced concrete feet built

   - digital data processing
 - Software is included in every delivery
 - more detailed requirements (vehicle identification etc.) solved using peripheral devices

Railway scales

 - designed for weighing wagons at rest
 - good accuracy

   - combined scales
 - weighing of road and rail vehicles on a common bridge structure
 - low number of weighings, poor space conditions

 - weighing while driving and without hanging up
 - possibility to adjust the length of the bridge

   - digital data processing
 - Software is included in every delivery
 - vehicle book, balance sheets, statistics

Other scales
 - belt, container, platform, crane and special scales for aircraft weighing

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