HPN projekt s.r.o.

HPN projekt s.r.o. processes a passport of roads and traffic signs for municipalities. We also provide traffic signs for tourist destinations, bike paths, orientation system and other orientation elements, as well as their installation. We process everything quickly, with high quality, clearly, in accordance with currently valid regulations and according to modern trends in the field of road safety and smoothness.

- passport for local roads
- passport, design and installation of traffic signs
- we will develop traffic engineering measures (DIO) for all types of traffic closures and detours on roads of all classes, including motorways
- marking a cultural and tourist destination
- sale, installation and rental of traffic signs
- orientation markings.

Our projects are high quality and clearly processed. Each project and passport is in accordance with the currently valid legal norms and laws and is completely discussed with all relevant authorities (Police of the Czech Republic, road administrator, road administration office). If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us. You can find us at Obrataň 93.

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