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Prodejna potreb pro stolni tenis Brno

  • sports jackets, quality sweatshirts, sport t-shirts, unisex trousers, functional wear, bike cloaks, gloves

  • sports premises, climbing wall, sports centre with accommodation, sports arena, rope centre

The company Jan Pelikán specializes in table tennis equipment and has a stone shop in Brno. You can buy all the necessary equipment here, without which you can't do without a game, such as a ping pong table and table tennis, ball or wood covers - ping pong bats. Our goods can be ordered from virtually anywhere, via our e-shop.

The company Jan Pelikán - table tennis equipment in Brno has a wide range of accessories. In addition, it provides expert advice in choosing a suitable wood and cover, etc., so that everything suits your playing style as much as possible.

- quality, well-known brands (Andro, Donic, DHS Dipper, ..)
- different properties
- different levels of speed, control and flexibility
- precise processing
- light
- left and right posture
- Players of all levels can choose, from beginners to advanced

- plastic
- perfect roundness
- in packs of various quantities
- high quality with long durability

- top quality
- several price categories and brands (Donic, Tibhar)
- safe table layout
- boards of different thicknesses

- surfaces for different types of games and distances from the table
- interesting color design
- Possibility to try the covers directly at the store for free

In addition, our range also includes sports shoes for table tennis, bags for tennis equipment, bat cases, functional clothing and much more.

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Jan Pelikan


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