Schoeller Allibert Czech Republic s.r.o.

  • manufacture of packaging technology, waste bags, plastic bags and foils, industrial packaging foils, bubble foils

Company Schoeller Allibert s.r.o. is engaged in the development and production of transport packaging, which are also returnable. Thanks to more than 50 years of experience and innovation, we are among the European elite in the global market. We produce plastic and pallet containers, pallets, containers, folding boxes, boxes and beverage returnable packaging.

We operate in:
- the automotive industry,
- food production,
- agriculture,
- the beverage industry,
- a small amount of shops,
- industrial production,
- pooling services.

Our products are produced in standard sizes, also made-to-measure, exactly according to the requirements of our customers:
- collapsible small containers,
- rigid pallet containers,
- collapsible pallet containers,
- beverage crates,
- stackable retractable containers,
- pallets,
- trolleys,
- buckets,
- IBC containers.

We are able to supply customized models of progressive design and process logistic cost savings analysis for our customers:
- logistics,
- packaging processes,
- opportunities for improvement,
- solution.

You will love our products because of their quality, durability and sustainability, resulting in higher efficiency, profitability and reduced transportation costs and waste.

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