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Pharmacy Bazalka s.r.o., located in Ostrava on Bazaly specializes in the sale of drugs, homeopathics, pressure gauges and veterinary products. In addition to pharmaceuticals, you can also buy everything for a healthy diet, diet and gluten-free diet.

- poly-component and monocomponent preparations,
- Heel, AKH or Boiron products such as Oscillococcinum, Stodal, Paragrippe, etc.

In addition to the classic medicines that you can normally buy at the pharmacy, you will also be pleasantly surprised by our wide range of healthy foods suitable for a gluten-free diet at great prices:
- legumes,
- gluten-free flour,
- Dried Fruit,
- vegetable oils,
- healthy pasta,
- nuts,
- seeds,
- crackers, etc.

Cosmetic and tanning products of the brand:
- Tena,
- Menalind,
- Eucerin,
- Linola.

Nutrition for children:
- milk,
- porridge,
- cookies,
- Nutrilon,
- sunar,
- granulated teas,
- milk for pregnant and nursing women,
- snacks and lots more.

In addition to nutrition, you will also find quality cosmetics for the youngest, especially brands Alpa, Johnson's, Cannaderm, Linola, etc.

Dental preparations:
- medicinal toothpaste,
- tooth and interdental brushes of the brand Tepe, Curaprox, etc.,
- mouthwashes.

Veterinary preparations for pets:
- deworming,
- against ticks or fleas,
- for ear cleaning,
- feed,
- Dietary Supplements,
- medicines and more.

You can also buy pressure gauges and other medical products.

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