EUC Klinika Ostrava

Opavska 962/39, Ostrava - Poruba 708 68

  • over-the-counter sale of medicines, on prescription only sale of medicines, nutritional supplements sale, food supplements sale, pharmacy cosmetics, contraceptives sale
  • massaging with hot lava stones, relaxing massages, fitness exercise, sport rehabilitation, physiotherapy
  • stomatological clinic, dental care, dental hygiene, teeth whitening, orthodontics and implantology, tooth implants
  • general practitioner services, preventive medical care, primary care for patients, providing family medicine, acute diseases treatment, chronic illnesses treatment, pediatric examination
  • services of specialized doctors, therapy and therapeutic sessions, preventive health checks, gynaecology and obstetrics
  • bioptic examinations, paternity tests, biological and microbiological tests, clinical pathology
  • central hospital, pediatric clinic, eye clinic, neurological clinic, dermatology department, private clinic

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