KNEJP s.r.o.

Ticha 4537, Jablonec nad Nisou 466 02
Telephone: +420 603 140 531

Reg. No.: 25023560
VAT No.: CZ25023560
District: Jablonec nad Nisou
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: unspecified
Turnover: 185 thousand - 370 thousand €

  • installation of heat distribution systems, local heating installation, installation of individual central heating, central heating installation, distance heating installation, underfloor heating installation
  • water pipeline laying, sewage pipeline laying, wc bowl replacement, mixing water tap installations, water distribution system repairs
  • manufacture of cooling systems, installation of air conditioning systems, distribution of window-mounted air conditioners, repairs and revisions of air conditioning systems
  • waterworks facilities, water mains and sewerage system, water treatment and purification, drinking water distribution, water-supply lines
  • wood cutting, timber harvesting and logging, tree felling, timber storage, lumber sale, production from wood, firewood and fuelwood, sawmill wood processing
  • computer technology sales, graphic card sales, loudspeaker sales, pc sets, keyboard, mouse sales
  • computer data backup, software installation, pc component installation, pc servicing, internal pc network building, software to order
  • residential unit building, terraced houses, new development projects, project documentation preparation
  • construction of shopping centres, construction of polyfunctional buildings, construction of industrial buildings, construction of sports grounds
  • installation of gas systems, inspection of gas equipment, maintenance of gas distribution network, gas fitter services, repairs of gas pipelines and gas installations
  • non-food goods, small consumer items

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