BOCHEMIT pripravky na ochranu dreva

Bochemie is a global supplier of comprehensive chemical solutions for the following market segments:

Wood protection

We have been protecting wood for 50 years!

BOCHEMIT is synonymous with wood protection.
It was launched in 1993 as a successor to the previous brand of fungicide and insecticide wood preservatives.

Why Bochemit:

+ Professional product for both long-term and short-term protection of building timber and other wood elements against wood-destroying insects, fungi and molds.

+ High user comfort for easy and simple application that will be appreciated by professionals and home improvement.

+ Application by coating, spraying, dipping, grouting, vacuum-pressure impregnation.

+ Unique composition of a new generation of biocides that provide perfect protection against wood-destroying insects, wood-destroying fungi and fungi, and which allow wood to breathe naturally.

+ Quickly and evenly penetrates the wood and protects it.
- Meets all current European standards and regulations on the basis of which products are certified.
- Own research center directly focused on research and development of wood protection products.
- Products are continually improved and innovated to meet the latest market trends and customer requirements.

+ Technical assistance and support.

+ Our experts are ready to help you with impregnation technology, ongoing advice, setting the right concentration of application solutions.

+ Professional and reliable wood protection, preventing possible complications and costs associated with subsequent remediation of attacked wood.

Do not underestimate the prevention of attack by biotic pests during construction or reconstruction of wooden objects or elements.
The costs of remediation can even exceed the prevention costs many times over.

Treat BOCHEMIT especially:
- roof trusses and other roof timber
- wooden load-bearing elements
- wooden elements difficult to replace in the building
- wooden lining, gables of buildings
-Attaches, terraces
-fences, gates, gates
- benches and benches
- hop pillars
- wooden poles of power lines
-shells, wooden churches, chapels and chapels
-wooden elements on playgrounds (swings, climbing, towers, trapezes)

Surface treatment of metals

One of the areas in which Bochemie operates globally on the B2B market is the descaling of long stainless steel products. The core product is FEROPUR ™. This product is the basis of the unique technology of pickling stainless steels and alloys in reducing melt. Another product is zinc chloride used most often as part of the flux in the hot-dip galvanizing process.

Materials for industrial accumulators

Bochemie specializes in the production of positive, negative battery masses, Ni (OH) 2, needle perforated strips and electrode plates for use in industrial alkaline Ni - Cd and Ni - Fe accumulators.

Nano zinc oxide

Our company has been involved in zinc chemistry for almost half a century and has been making considerable efforts to become a major producer of nano-zinc oxide in recent years. Within research and development, Bochemie has developed a unique ecological technology for the production of nano ZnO with extremely high surface. Due to its parameters, the product ranks among the most advanced nanomaterials.

Metallization of textile materials

The high demand for new textile materials, from various areas of industry, has led us to develop a unique patented technology of chemical deposition of various types of metals on the surface of textile materials.
Thanks to our unique patented metal coating technology, MEFTEX achieves exceptional new technical properties while retaining all the properties of the original material (lightness, elasticity, breathability, tensile strength, textile appearance).

Hygiene and disinfection

Thanks to forty years of experience in the production and development of household cleaning and disinfectants and professional use (Savo, Chloramin, Desam, Septoderm, Chirox, etc.), we offer business partners cooperation in research, development and production of private labels in this field.

Bochemie has been building its know-how for over 110 years. Thanks to long-term intensive research and development, we have become a leading manufacturer of modern chemical products that flexibly respond to current customer needs.


Bochemit, Feropur, Meftex

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