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Newly opened heavy paint shop HAJDIK a.s.

Jablůnka is a small village in the Zlín Region near the larger town of Vsetín. But it has one great advantage: it can boast of the largest and most extensive heavy paint shop owned by HAJDIK a.s.

Comprehensive surface care, HAJDIK a.s., Jablůnka, Czech Republic

The largest customer paint shop in the Czech Republic

This purely Czech company can boast ofhigh-quality and precise work. It employs about 200 people. It deals with the surface treatment of plastics, metal, wood and other materials and their products are most visible in the automotive industry. Their finishing is so perfect that the products that pass through surface finish here often end up in various car races. The painted parts end up in cars manufactured by BMW, Daimler or Škoda.

Comprehensive surface care

Named the best company in the Zlín Region

In this area they are constantly evolving. They have their own research and development department. New technologies come into play. A new feature is also heavy surface finish. If customers require, they have free capacity for bulky, heavy and large equipment. Innovative technologies can take oneven larger challenges. There are air-conditioned boxes with cutting-edge technology. There is also the possibility of adjustment.

Varnishing of wood, metal and plastic

The company is entering the aviation industry

Obtaining a new certification allowed the company to enter an industry with even more difficult and demanding conditions. They have undergone rigorous approval processes and can now boast of having painted orders for Boeing 737. The certification demonstrates the company's high quality varnishing and self-sufficiency in every respect.

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Modern coating of metals and plastics – wet coating with the use of UV radiation

Modern coating of metals and plastics – wet coating with the use of UV radiation

The Hajdik paint shop is a Czech company, which has been operating on the market since 1989. Through the years we have gradually gained both valuable experience and a number of satisfied customers. We specialize in complete surface finishing by wet coating and in this field we are one of the best. This year we can also offer you the latest coating technology, i.e., application of paint and its hardening by UV lamps.

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