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Education should not hurt the child

Being a good parent is not easy. If you are not sure if you are going the right way, then the best solution is to visit a professional counseling center to find out where to take your steps. Mrs. Libuše Jíšová has been dealing with interpersonal relations for a long time.

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In childhood, it has been forming a whole life

The area of ​​interpersonal relations is a very fragile matter. Every being has a personality that should not be repressed. Mrs. Libuše Jíšová, who is dealing with relationships among people professionally, takes the view that the personality of a person has been formed since his earliest childhood. She does not fully agree with parents whose main credo is to raise a child totally obedient and worthy. While this may be positive at the moment, other values ​​should be recognized in the future. Education should give the child a good foundation for future life. It should not change his personality, but shape it. What would be valid for an adult to have been “good” throughout his childhood and his parents were happy with him if he was unable to take care of himself, assert himself in society and find his original solutions. The aim of education should therefore be to teach the child to find. We have to let them try things so they can reach their destination. It is true that for some parents this is a bit of a nerve test.

Libuše Jíšová and the content of her work

Learn to listen

Mrs. Libuše Jíšová, who has gathered years of valuable experience, has certainly a gift to look and see. It deals with relationships with parents, children, teachers. Its main object in this respect is the partnership relationship. The quality of this relationship affects all life. After all, the aim of the partnership is not to continually drag yourself over who is right at the moment. We need to be able to hear each other. Not to compete with each other.

Libuše Jíšová - solving interpersonal relationships

For those who want to hear

People who do not know what to do in some of their relationships can visit the counseling center led by Mrs. Libuše Jíšová. You will be surprised how often it is easy to arrange for a person to be satisfied in both family and professional relationships. You can attend courses, seminars or try out personal consultations. Do not expect a miraculous method or precise instructions on how to deal otherwise. If you decide to really solve the problem, take the whole family and come talk.

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