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Published 11.05.2015
Updated 19.06.2017

State Veterinary Institute Prague tells you exactly what you are dealing with

State Veterinary Institute Prague is not, as it might seem by its name, only a facility caring for animals' health. State Veterinary Institute Prague carries out laboratory diagnostics, diagnosing in the field of proving of infectious and non-infectious animal diseases and also researches into safety of ingredients and foodstuff of animal and plant origin, feed and water. Its services can be used by hygienists, individuals, small and big companies and state-owned facilities.

State Veterinary Institute Prague

Top experts, first-class equipment and faultless diagnostics

State Veterinary Institute Prague is represented by a team of highly erudite experts, extensive laboratory facilities with top equipment and application of up-to-date methods and diagnostic procedures. It also has laboratories with high operational safety for very dangerous animal diseases and diseases transmissible to humans. It also has a training centre of the State Veterinary Administration with accommodation possibility.

Whether your animals are suffering from whatever, State Veterinary Institute Prague will know from what

In case of animal diseases, State Veterinary Institute Prague carries out most frequently microbiological, serological and virological examinations of blood and organs, parasitological, biochemical, toxicological and hematological examinations, autopsies and histological examinations. If a particular animal is suffering from some disease, infection or other problems detectable in a laboratory, then State Veterinary Institute Prague certainly tells you what kind of disease or problem is it.

Know what you eat and use

If you need to find out if foodstuffs and ingredients contain really only what they should contain, then send a sample to State Veterinary Institute Prague. Its professional staff will determine exactly what is in food or ingredients extra, using sensory evaluation, microbiological and chemical analyses, quality indicators, indicators of residues of antibiotics, medicines, allergens, additives or generic determination of proteins, vitamins, bacterial toxins and determination of radioactivity.

And also know what you feed animals with

In case of feeds, State Veterinary Institute Prague carries out sensory evaluations, microbiological, mycological and chemical examinations, determination of foreign substances, medical substances and anticoccidiostatics, so that you can be sure that animals are fed with quality food or at least what is not detrimental to their health in any way.

Certainty about harmlessness of water? Priceless

State Veterinary Institute Prague also offers sensory evaluation and microbiological and chemical examinations of drinking, feeding, surface and waste waters. If you want to check whether water flowing from an outfall into a stream in your village is really harmless, for safety of you, your neighbours, animals and also nature, then State Veterinary Institute in Prague is the right choice.

Reliability, speed and maximum obligingness

State Veterinary Institute Prague always gives you unequivocal and reliable results in the shortest possible time. It also provides consultancy and laboratory analyses for determination of quality parameters_ in the department of chemistry and food hygiene. State Veterinary Institute Prague also provides collection of samples for examination by regular collection lines with cars equipped with refrigeration units, it is completely free of charge. State Veterinary Institute Prague complies with its clients' wishes.

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