Czech crystal chandeliers based on traditional design

You will hardly find a more traditional light fitting than a Czech crystal chandelier. Crystal lightings have a long tradition here, and that is also what the ELITE BOHEMIA company realized. In 1996 the company decided to continue the Czech tradition and started manufacturing Czech crystal chandeliers, crystal lamps and other light fittings. Nowadays it belongs among the most significant domestic producers of such lightings and gains success all around the world.

Crystal lamps and chandeliers

Varied selection of crystal chandeliers from many collections

If you decided to get yourself a crystal lamp or chandelier, with ELITE BOHEMIA you can choose from a wide selection of different variants. Crystal chandeliers are offered in a number of collections, of which each one prides itself on its distinctive decorating and details. No matter if you choose a crystal chandelier or any other light fitting from the Original classic, Ceiling mounts, Royal crystal or other collection, you can always count on a professional workmanship and one hundred percent originality following the traditions of our ancestors. 

Custom made masterpieces

ELITE BOHEMIA offers crystal light fittings in various price ranges. Apart from wide selection of collections, created by excellent designers, the company’s prerogative is also custom production of crystal chandeliers. During the custom production a concrete place, in which the crystal light fittings would be situated, is taken into consideration. It is definitely not an exaggeration to call these products masterpieces. They have become desired for all over the world, including the Great Britain, Russia, USA, China, India or Indonesia

Use of various processes and materials

Crystal lamps and chandeliers are made of quality materials, manufactured by traditional or modern technological procedures. ELITE BOHEMIA crystal chandeliers are composed from different components, from pressed or hand cut glass to the painted or gold decorated one. Trimmings, that are used in chandeliers and crystal light fittings, are machine cut and precisely processed. You can choose a variant with high lead content or an unleaded one, there are also trimmings of historical or traditional Czech type.


With the custom production, the final look of the crystal chandelier depends only on the client and his requirements. Thanks to a combination of various methods and technologies every piece is a true work of art. When designing and constructing, we also take into consideration the fact that the product is supposed to have an excellent solidity and long service life, to withstand through many generations.


ELITE BOHEMIA has thus become an acknowledged big name in the field of design and production of crystal lamps, chandeliers and other light fittings. Whether you want to use the traditional Czech lighting  to decorate your study, conference hall or other residential space, you will surely choose from the wide selection of collections, or get a custom made piece. 

wide selection of collections, or get a custom made piece.  

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Published 11.08.2015
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