With Garantrans you can transport oversized cargo to anywhere

Transporting large building structures is not an easy thing. For such tasks companies usually have to call specialists, who have the transport of large and heavy cargo in their fingertips. Oversize transport of trusses or concrete parts is one of the issues that the Garantrans company will help you solve. They are familiar with all means of transport, no matter if it is on land, water, by railway or air.

Transport oversized cargo

Our mission is oversize transport of your cargo

When your company entrusts its goods to the hands of a transportation company, it sure wants to get them to the destination safe and secure. Garantrans has many years of experience in the field, thanks to which it secures all the actions that are carried out. Its main aim is mostly the satisfaction of its customers in the field of oversized cargo transport.

Oversize transport and transport of big loads is carried out using a wide range of our own transport technology. We own a vehicle fleet, which is constantly at our, as well as your disposal. We can offer to our customers:

- Special multi-axle towing vehicles
- Dilatable semi-trailers for long cargo transportation
- Low bed semi-trailers (dilatable as well) for high cargo transport
- Jumbo semi-trailers

Our services are not only purely transportation, but we can also provide all administrative permits as well. We will assess the optimal route for you, find out the weight bearing capacity of bridges – everything so that your material in our hands gets securely to its destination and is ready for an immediate installation.

Choose from a wide selection of our special transport technology

Do you want a transport that you can rely on? Air transport is a safe bet

Even road and railway transport falls within the services that we offer. On the road we can transport cargo of all sizes, no matter if we are talking about machinery, technological units or industrial projects.

Railway transport with Garantrans is carried out under the following circumstances:

- Providing container transport
- Bulk material transport
- Transport via cistern/tank trains
- Transport of oversized cargo

Marine or air transport may sound a little bit exotic in our country, yet it is nothing exceptional today to trade with countries beyond our borders. And that is why for shipments that need to be transported farther a marine or air transport is the ideal choice. Marine transport carried out by our company of course includes also transshipment in the ports – we will be happy to rent you the containers that we offer.

Air transport has its undisputable advantages mostly thanks to the fact that:

- It is fast
- It is reliable
- It offers wide range of transported commodities
- We transport the goods right to the destination
- We take care of all formalities, including customs duties

What is more, in the sector of air transport, Garantrans has partners all around the world – we will thus transport your trusses and concrete parts anywhere you want.

Garantrans has rich experience in the transport field

For more information, please visit our website here  https://www.garantrans.cz/en/
Published 01.10.2015
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