CZECH REPUBLIC; Pressing from sheets and from coils, spot welding - Partis JSC.

The Partis company offers spare capacity of sheet metal cutting on table shears, flat forming and drawing of metals, especially thin sheets on eccentric and hydraulic presses of various sizes with work power of 40 t - 160 t. On our presses, we are able to press from coils and from sheet material, furthermore pressed parts can be welded, painted and completed up to a final product. The presses have bottom holders, namely mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic ones, as their basic equipment.

Table shears, unwinding and straightening equipment, spot welders, powder coating plant, assembly and packaging line are taken for granted.
For our offer completeness, we offer a possibility of plastics moulding and printing.

Would you like to cooperate with a reliable business partner? Call the Partis JSC. company, as one of the largest producers of computer cases in Europe.

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