Steel floor and shelf racks in Czech Republic - the ideal solution for industry

Steel floor and shelf racks widely used in industry are manufactured by KASALI s.r.o., which is active in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Our steel racks are used in many sectors, primarily in the chemical, auto and food industries and in heating plants and power plants, in the construction of parking structures and ships, on drilling platforms and in other applications.

Steel racks are favoured thanks to their universal usage and their very high load capacity, resistance to deformation and low weight, high durability and simple assembly.
Shelf racks represent a reliable solution for storage areas with any demands. Floor racks are the ideal solution for heavy-duty applications in which floors must remain passable while maintaining full drainage capacity.

If you don’t know the right type of steel rack for you, make use of our technical consultants who will help you choose the right solution.

We strive to satisfy every customer. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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