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Production of rolls for parking meters, ATMs, tachometers and printing of entrance tickets for cultural events

Epos spol. s r.o. from the Czech Republic is a specialist in the production of reels, rolls for parking meters and tickets with protective elements for cultural and sporting events or tickets for international and national transport.

Epos spol. s r.o. will provide you the production of rolls for parking meters, ATMs and other devices.
It also deals with the production of tickets with protective elements for any entertainment or the production of tickets for international and national transport (public transport systems and integrated transport systems).

If you are looking for tickets or rolls for parking meters or other devices, you find everything you need in our offer.
Our company will provide you enough quality rolls and tickets for parking meters, cash registers and terminals, tachometers, ATMs and other machines.

We supply the material guaranteed the weather resistance and problem-free readability of the record. The product is treated with a special protective layer that avoids print deterioration.
In our offer you find rolls that can be equipped with anti-forgery elements.

Epos spol. s r.o. is also involved in the production of tickets for cultural events.
We offer the production of entrance tickets or tickets for various cultural or sporting events and projects.

Whether you need enough reliable tickets to the cinema, theater, aquapark or multipurpose hall, our company supplies tickets in reels, such as computer (perforated) paper or in A4 sheets and other sizes.
Of course there is a good perforation for easy ripping of individual tickets as well as ticket stubs for entry.
Here you can order simple tickets, but also a full-color print of all sides, which we will process in our graphic studio.

We offer protective elements that will provide the protection of the entrance ticket or proof of its counterfeit:
-UV fibres
- Sharp stamping (partial cutting)
-Iris print
-Guilloche (curves)
-Reflective inks
-Inks sensitive to UV light
-Inks reacting to checking felt-tip pen or ink ribbon
-Thermally active inks
-Erasable inks
-Inks reacting to metals

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