STEPA - printing from roll to roll, paper slitting, foil printing, the Czech Republic

The STEPA company is engaged in production and conversion of paper products. Other activities include also printing on various materials. We print on various wrapping papers, textiles, foils, covers and advertising wrappings using the four-colour flexographic printing. Printing from roll to roll is carried out up to width of 2.45 m. Our services include cutting of paper rolls to measure according to customer's wishes and needs. Our company STEPA converts also their own supplied materials according to customer's requirements. Do not hesitate to contact or visit us, we are fully available to you.
• printing of wrapping and covering papers by universal or advertising print
• advertisement printing of rolls for cash registers, of adhesive paper tapes
• printing of non-woven textiles by advertisement motifs
• protective elements printing using the copy-protected ink and watermark imitation
• all-surface and water-proof coatings of papers
• printing of foils for packaging of parts by customer's logo
• slitting of narrow paper strips
• flexographic printing from roll to roll
• winding-up of materials to rolls
• re-working of customer's materials to different sizes
• damaged edges cut off
• production of wipes from nonwoven fabric
• school and office accessories

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