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Teeth whitening in the DENTAL OFFICE H33 dental surgery Prague, the Czech Republic

Are you a lover of cigarettes, coffee or both? You can not get rid of your bad habits even at the cost that your teeth have darker tint than healthy teeth should look like? Then visit the Dental office dental clinic! Thanks to us, you do not have to unlearn your habits, for we offer teeth whitening with an immediate effect. Our whitening methods are gentle to teeth, because they contain 6% of hydrogen peroxide concentration at the utmost.

If you are afraid of a dentist's chair and yet you desire to have beautiful white teeth, do not despair. We also offer possibility of home teeth whitening. We will make an individual whitening carrier for you, its use is easy and you can boast of beaming smile in two weeks.

Dental OfficeH33 clinic can be found near the Arkady Pankrac shopping centre. You do not need to combine your work with a visit to a dentist - our clinic is open long hours for your maximum comfort not only in case of teeth whitening.

We provide all dental services such as:
- Application of dental implants
- Children's dentistry
- Prosthetics
- Dental surgery
- Dental hygiene

And many other dental surgery services.

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