Dental Office H33 s.r.o.
Zubni klinika Praha 4

The dental clinic in Prague 4 is a modern dental clinic with above-standard equipment providing comprehensive dental treatment at the highest level. Further we provide preventive, restorative and aesthetic dentistry.

Care provided in the following fields:
- Children's dentistry
- Teeth whitening
- Periodontics
- Dental implants
- Prosthetics
- Dental surgery
- Implantology
- Orthodontics
- Restorative dentistry
- Dental hygiene
- Entonox
- Invisible braces

Our priorities are preventive check-ups and dental hygiene which is an important part of preventive dentistry.

Teeth straightening - orthodontics:
- Removable and non-removable braces.
Invisalign invisible braces - they are suitable for those who do not want or cannot have, for aesthetic reasons, teeth straightened with conventional ligature braces.

Incognito 3D braces - ligatures are made of gold and to measure of each client and are applied on the inner side of teeth.

Some selected interventions are performed also in analgosedation. We are contractual partners of insurance companies:
- CPZP and other foreign insurance companies.
We accept credit cards and employee benefits.

We carry out and provide practical trainings for doctors:
- Fundamentals of implantology
- Augmentation techniques - BASIC
- Augmentation techniques - ADVANCED
- Computer guided surgery.


Root canal treatment or microscopic endodontics

Root canal treatment or microscopic endodontics
If inflammation of a tooth or its surroundings appears, whether caused by dental caries, an injury or other causes, it is necessary to act quickly. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers painless solution which will rid you of a problem, often only one visit to a specialized dentist's office is ...
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