Aluprof system Zlin region - anti-fire, fire doors, windows, walls, the Czech Republic

Thermont Ltd. company Napajedla delivers reliable doors and walls with fire resistance, including installation, especially in the Zlin region.
We manufacture fire partition structures - fire doors, windows, walls, display cases.

The advanced system ALUPROF MB-78EI is used for production.

Fire doors are manufactured with resistance EI15 - EI90 (also as smoke-tight doors), resistance of automatic doors is EI15 - EI 30 (certified with GEZE drives) and resistance of fire walls and windows is EI15 - EI90.

Systems are certified.
The structure consists of aluminium sections with a thermal bridge with width of 34 mm and fireproof inserts, their construction depth is 78 mm. The heat-transfer coefficient Uf has very low values.
The system enables glazing of all standard fire-resistant glass of corresponding grades with thickness of 8-49 mm.
The products of this system have also very good noise insulation.

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