State Veterinary Institute will perform special diagnostics, Prague, the Czech Republic

Do you need a veterinary diagnostics of your animals' death? If and how did they fall sick - that is what the professionals from the State Veterinary Institute in Prague will help you find out. The Institute offers to the public a wide range of services, not only in the pathology field.

The State Veterinary Institute has at its disposal a reference laboratory for rabies or mad cow disease, where it can provide a complex determination of these dangerous contagious diseases.

A veterinary diagnostics can be very helfpul in many ways - it can prevent dangerous diseases from spreading. What services can the State Veterinary Institute offer?

- laboratory diagnostics of infectious and noninfecious diseases of all animal kinds
- checking medical harmlessness of raw materials, foodstuffs, feed and water
- inspection of various biological materials
- sensory assessments, microbiological and chemical examinations of feed
- sensory assessments, microbiological and chemical examinations of water samples
- determining the presence of foreign substances in drinking, surface and waste water
- laboratory analyzes for quality springs determining
- sampling by specialists
- importing samples in refrigerated spaces
- consultancy
- free collection of samples for examination by regular transport lines

If you too are interested in the services from the fields such as pathology, parasitology, virology, bacteriology, chemistry or feed hygiene, then do not hesitate and contact the State Veterinary Institute in Prague. We will provide first class services from the veterinary diagnostics field.

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