The antique store is engaged in the purchase and subsequent sale of the old things of all kinds. In the menu you will find the furniture, electronics, appliances, jewelry, books, porcelain, musical instruments, paintings or also the clock, which can serve also as a decoration.

Vykup hodinek a sberatelskych predmetu
I collect and buy watches and other collectibles. I mainly focus on men's wrist mechanical watches from the period of socialism - brands Prim, Omega, Longines, IWC Schaffhausen, Raketa, Poljot, Glashütte (GÜB), LDH, Pobeda and others. I will also be happy to help you with a pocket watch (so-called onions), a wall clock (so-called pendulum ...
Vaclav Spilka - Kromerizske starozitnosti
Antiquities. Sale: -Antiques of all kinds: -furniture -clock -porcelain, glass, etc. Redemption for cash: -pictures -porcelain -clock -guns -plastics -jewelry -furniture -chandeliers -costumes, etc.
Carpentry and carpentry. Custom production, sales: - kitchen counters - office furniture - inbuilt wardrobe - living rooms - bedrooms, children's rooms - bathroom furniture - hotel furniture - store interiors - the door - pergolas, gazebos and other solid wood products - roofing of the well. ANTIQUES - Gallery. Sale: - ...

Alena Dehnerová provides accommodation services: Purchase, sale: - antiques.

Services: - purchase and sale of all collectibles and antiques

Antiquities purchase and sale of antiques and collectibles. purchase of estates.

Sale, purchase: -antiquities -pictures, furniture, glass, clocks, porcelain, ceramics, lamps, sculptures, jewelry, toys, militarism, metals -all old things for cash even to the commission, including the estate - We will determine the authenticity of gold and silver jewelry and diamonds free of charge and while you wait -we mediate the sale of ...

Sales of stylish solid wood furniture. Antique furniture and antiques.

Purchase and sale of furniture, paintings, glass, ceramics, porcelain, clocks and watches, chandeliers, lamps and other assortment at fair prices.

Repairs, renovations: - hours. Antiquities. Retail trade with used goods operated in stores. Clock, watch and jewelry repairs.

Pawnshop and bazaar of electronics, jewelry, antiques and antique furniture

Services: - liquidation of estates and other commercial, residential / non-residential and other premises - advice on the sale of books, paintings, porcelain, glass, furniture - purchase of goods for cash from cleared premises - evacuation.

SPECIALIZED SHOP, E-SHOP Coins and medals Purchase and sale of silver and gold Gold and silver coins Numismatics, specialized antique shop Auction house Sale of coins and medals Sale of gold and silver bars, gold and silver trade coins Sale of accessories for collectors (from Leuchtturm, etc.) and literature Auction of coins and ...

Large selection of paintings ceramics Antiquities gifts Admission to commission sales: -antiquities -Artworks -objects of collector's value -pictures -furniture -glass -porcelain -hours -hours -jewelry -weapons -toys -collector rarities -old tools and equipment from farms and wine cellars -old things and ...

Purchase, sale, restoration: - antiques, goldsmiths and silversmiths, lending from own resources, real estate activities, renting apartments and real estate.