A rich assortment of feed and food supplements for cats, dogs, small animals, birds or farm animals, aquarium and terrarium supplies, crates for animals, bowls, watering holes, feeders and many other pet supplies in one place.

SCR Fassati s.r.o. Jezdecky areal
Eshop EQUICENTRUM We offer the sale of these riding equipment: -all equipment for equestrian sport and for horse breeding -feed and nutritional supplements -cosmetics for horses -Internet store -shops in Jaromer and in Horice -rental of a horse trailer -caravan hire -riding equipment, saddles, helmets, articles for horses, blankets, ...
Jamenska a.s.
Agricultural production, sale: -feed for livestock (cattle, sheeps, horses, hoofed game) -mineral licks, fodder pressed salt -lump salt Wholesale, retail sale: -agricultural tackle for animals breeders (fencing equipment, stranded wires, insulators etc.) Production, sale - milk, pork, beef. Ecological (bio), plant production: ...
EVRA, spol. s r.o. - lisovna plastu
Production: -mouldings made of plastics and sets -medicine chests -warning triangles. Products printing. Electric installations.