Fireworks in the form of firecrackers, rockets, fountains, volcanoes, roman candles, ball bombs or sparklers can be purchased individually or in sets. Using fireworks you can create a professional fireworks display in celebration of the New year or other major events.

OHNOSTROJE Krupicka, s.r.o. Zabavni pyrotechnika Praha
Wholesale, sale, realization, provision of: -entertainment pyrotechnics, fireworks, effects, New Year's Eve goods -petards, maroons, shooting lines, Roman lights, rockets, sets, Czech rockets, ball bombs, fountains, volcanos, butterflies, bees, crackers, smoke candles, rotating suns. Quantity discounts. Realization of fireworks: -private ...
Petr Cymorek zabavni pyrotechnika
Petr Cymorek runs several stores and an e-shop with fireworks. We sell products from several reputable importers of fireworks. Our customers are many traders to whom we supply selected goods. We also have thousands of satisfied customers who shop directly in our stores or online store. We offer over 170 types of high quality products at an ...
Professional fireworks with music - we shoot all over the Czech Republic, free shipping. Fireworks for one ignition, wedding fireworks Wholesale, retail: -pyrotechnics Services: -fireworks

Online sales of fireworks. Realization of custom-made fireworks. Marketing consulting in online business.

SSE Explo Czech Republic s.r.o. focuses on the provision of explosives services. We provide charging service using a fleet of our own mixing and charging vehicles, which produce emulsion explosives at the point of consumption. We provide preparation and execution of blasting works. Our activities, services:  - preparation, design, blasting  - ...

Designs and realizations: - small fireworks - medium fireworks - large fireworks - Special Effects - sound equipment for fireworks.

Sale - fireworks - realization of special effects and all types of fireworks

Fireworks sets for wedding, birthday, corporate and other celebrations. We sell lucky lanterns.

Realization - fireworks of all kinds and sizes from small to large New Year's Eve - The firing is performed by a qualified person with a fireworks launcher card - pyrotechnics and assembly of fireworks for self-firing according to requirements, including advice on the selection of effects.

Services: - sound system - lighting - fireworks Production: - racks for sound equipment

Branch. Sales, retail, wholesale, e-shop: - pyrotechnics, fireworks - party assortment - confetti - helium in balloons - costumes Services: - realization of fireworks.

Services, e-shop: - fireworks - fireworks.

Wholesale, retail - pyrotechnics - sparklers - fireworks - rockets - Roman candles.

Warehouse, sale - fireworks - fireworks.

Reliable garden fireworks and pyrotechnics will provide you with LUSEK fireworks. If you want to experience a beautiful light show and light up the night sky at a birthday party, wedding, corporate party or New Year's Eve, then LUSEK fireworks are a guarantee for you. You can buy fireworks not only in our stone shop in Šumperk, but also online in ...

Services, realization: - fire and light show - fireworks

Sale: -fun pyrotechnics. -petards, cannons, fountains, geysers, falling walls of fire, rockets, smokestacks, etc. Realization: -fireworks complemented by music - in the open air and indoors. Individually compiled events: -garden fireworks for family celebrations, wedding receptions -large fireworks on the anniversary of the ...