Selling both white and brown eggs with the proper markings from the laying hens free range. Available for experienced farmers, in sizes S, M and L. Eggs from the farm are tastier and more yellow, because the laying hens have a secure enough place, the correct diet and appropriate conditions.

Sale: Sales and distribution of Czech eggs

Services: - collection of raw milk from farms - transport of liquid foods

Since its establishment, RABBIT Trhový Štěpánov, as has focused on processing and supplying poultry, pork, beef and rabbit meat from its own farms. Our products also include litter eggs and a wide range of sausages, salami, ham, sausages and sausages. We run our own sales network, where we are ready to advise you and offer quality Czech products ...

We are a sales and service organization for our farmers, which we represent in negotiations on the sale of eggs with retail chains.

Ostrich farm: - ostrich breeding - ostrich meat - Ostrich Egg - natural ostrich cosmetics - special brooch shells and earrings - introduction of breeding - special feeds - vitamin and mineral premixes - food preparation advice and more.

We sell and deliver fresh eggs from Czech and Moravian breeds. Sales of vegetable oils and palm fats.

In our shop Gifts of the Region in Zlín, we offer you the best and tastiest regional farm food. You will find up to 17 types of pastries, more than 80 types of sausages, dairy products and domestic wines and beers. Contactless delivery, food delivery in the Zlín region. Sales, trade Gifts of the region: -farm food -cheese - sausages, ...

Wrapless shop. Sale: - food - drugstores and household goods - additional assortment.

Agricultural production, activity, agricultural work. Plant and animal production with a focus on poultry farming. Growing diabetes and corn. Production and sale: -eggs, egg, eggs, eggs -oils -poultry

Online supermarket Rohlík operated by VELKÁ PECKA s.r.o. offers a wide range of food, beverages and dry goods in its e-shop. You can buy pastries, healthy food, cold cuts, fruits, vegetables, soft drinks, beer, wine, pasta, sweet pastries, pet food, children's needs and many other products that you can just remember. Online supermarket ...

Private accommodation Apartments Machov

Sale - food - grocery store

Bee farm: - beekeeping - honey production. Home products: - eggs - Goat milk.

A shop full of honest food - healthy and "unhealthy". Sale: - food specialties - homemade pâtés, cold cuts, cheese, butter, eggs - handmade pralines, gingerbread, cookies - fresh bakery - seasonal fruits and vegetables - syrups, tea, coffee - Pesto, jams - gluten-free foods - vegan food - Something from a healthy ...

Eco-balance: - laying hen breeding - production, sale of organic eggs

Production, sale: -consumption, hatching eggs -pigs for slaughter -breeding piglets -organic fertilizers -feeding mixes including incorporation into soil. Soběraz, Drahoraz, Dřevěnice and Vršce. Dřevěnice resort: tel: 493597710 Drahoraz Center: tel: 493551508 Vršce plant: tel: 493551211 fax: 493551391 -e-mail: ...

Organic farming Střítež nad Bečvou. Breeding of sheep, beef cattle, pigs, laying hens, fattening geese and chickens. Stables for horses. Production of lamb, pork, goose and chicken. Egg production. Organic field production. Services for agriculture.

Food production - industrial egg processing: -flavoured mayonnaises, tartare sauces -dried egg products: -dried egg mixtures -dried egg albumen/white -dried egg yolk/yellow -liquid egg products: -liquid melange -liquid yolk -liquid white -flavoured egg products -liquid sweet melange -liquid salted melange -liquid salted yolk.

Dvořák Farm, services: - chicken farming - sale of eggs - sale of meat from Czech farms Hand made: - dried pasta

Retail: - food - Household Goods. French 172/30 120 00 Prague 2