In brick and mortar stores and online stores can be purchased consumer goods sorted into the categories of textile, stationery, books, cosmetics, drugstore, pet supplies, food, toys, painting supplies, gardening supplies and many more.

ALPAX, s.r.o. Netkane textilie
Wholesale, retail: Glass fiber products - wallpapers - non-woven glass fabrics for construction - polyester fabrics - fiberglass yarn - thermal insulation glass fabric cukrarske pomucky
The company - Monika Matoušková, based in Prague Průhonice, operates an online store with confectionery tools. We offer, for example, metal and plastic cutters, silicone cutters, molds, rollers, cake molds, cake mats and much more. You can also order edible and inedible decorations, baking ingredients, marzipan, seasoning pastes, ...
DDT s.r.o.
Production - masking and crepe tapes, tapes, electrical insulating adhesive, universal textile with acrylic surface treatment, production of aluminum tape for sealing and thermal insulation of pipe joints
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