Artists need to do their work of painting and art supplies such as oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolor paints, canvas, calligraphy supplies, ink, graphics tools, easels, modeling tools, pastels, tempera and other basic utilities., s.r.o.
You can buy art supplies for creative creation on the e-shop of the Czech company We sell paints for creative work - for textiles, baking, acrylic, but also paints suitable for glass, leather and porcelain. You will also find a wide range of art supplies on the e-shop. Our e-shop is the right place for all creatives. We sell ...
Komplet Keramika s.r.o.
E-shop - clay - glaze - ceramic kilns - pottery circles - modeling aids and raw materials - spatulas, molds. Rajhrad Masarykova branch (dispensing point): Address: Masarykova 353 664 61 Rajhrad
KREATIV colour TREBIC s.r.o.
Wholesale of art supplies. We sell paints for textiles, acrylic paints,, plastic stencils, varnishes and adhesives, paint sets, leather paints, glass and porcelain. You will also find decorating powders, sands and glitters here
STEJKR, spol. s r.o.
The company STEJKR, spol. s r.o. is a wholesale supplier of paper, school and office supplies. We supply the entire Czech market with a comprehensive range of supplies for your office, a wide range of papers, school and art supplies, drugstore goods, packaging materials ... You can order our goods by phone, e-mail or through our online ...
Production, sale: -collages, paintings -paintings made of wood, cloves and fancy yarns stretched into plastic shapes -interior decoration.

Retail, e-shop: - pedig - materials for making baskets - baskets.

Sales, retail, wholesale, e-shop, online store: - school and office supplies: - gift paper and packaging technology - gift items - greeting cards and postcards - forms - office accessories - home packaging technology-microtene bags, coasters, napkins - party program - carnival accessories - briefcases and school ...

Production, retail: -imitation jewelry -beads for jewelry production -beads, sleeve material, tools -beading courses.

Kingdom of colors. Production of paints for creative creation and leisure. Eshop, sale: - Terno colors - special paints and varnishes.

Sales, e-shop: - haberdashery wholesaler - substances - creative needs - beads - home textiles, decorations - costume jewelery

Sale: - church, Christian needs - rosaries, candles, angels - Nativity scenes and statuettes for the nativity scene - Statues, paintings and nativity scenes - priestly and liturgical garments - needs for the liturgy - wooden nativity scene - wood carvings - tithes - home blessing - angels - sales at Christmas markets.

DOUBEK spol. s r.o. has a wide range of stationery, office and school supplies. You can buy notebooks, covers, stationery, folders, folders, blocks, art supplies or packaging material. You can find us at Palackého 1296/33, Jihlava. Stationery, sale: - stationery - notebooks, covers - Stationery, pencils, markers, crayons - school ...

Sale: -Art supplies for creative art techniques -all for painting, painting canvas, silk, textiles, glass, porcelain, stained glass, mosaic, enamel, beads, components, floristics, FIMO, glycerin, paraffin for candles, pedig.

Sales, e-shop, second hand: - Children's clothing - toys, jewelry, decorations - children's cosmetics - artistic and creative needs - school supplies.

Art supplies - retail sale - mail order service, internet sales, E-SHOP - removal of goods at larger offtake - exclusive representation of the COPIC, QoR brand for the Czech Republic. - direct imports mainly from Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland Loyalty discounts for regular customers Needs for designers, architects, animators, ...