Headgear is important in winter and summer. Get you therefore to your cabinets a modern straw hats, fabric hats, knitted caps, caps with visor, baseball hats, winter beanies, and chic hats. Don't forget the gloves, scarves and scarves.

PLETEX s.r.o.
Our company PLETEX Ltd., which operates on the Czech market, manufactures women's, men's and children's original caps, gloves, scarves and complementary assortment. We manufacture and sell a wide range of original and affordable knitted products. We are manufacturers of caps, we ensure perfect processing. We produce women's, men's and ...
TEXPA Pavlasova, s.r.o.
Company TEXPA Pavlasová, s.r.o. is engaged in the sale of meter textiles and haberdashery. You can choose everything from quality upholstery and decorative fabrics, curtains and bedspreads in Šumperk and its surroundings. We represent Bellatex products. Retail and sale: TEXTILE: - meter textiles - clothing, decorative, upholstery and ...
Prima Obchod s.r.o.
Company Prima Obchod s.r.o. operates an online store with textile haberdashery, costume jewelery, fashion and clothing accessories. We also offer home decorations, toys, art and creative needs. In our e-shop you can comfortably choose from a wide range of goods, we process orders immediately and send the next working day. E-shop:  - jewelery: ...
Damske pradlo Hana Brincilova
Our company Hana Břinčilová - women's lingerie sells lingerie, clothing, stockings, swimwear, nightgowns, bathrobes and bras. We also offer hats, handkerchiefs, scarves, shawls, caps, a large selection of umbrellas and fashion accessories. Our activity - sales: - women's underwear (stockings, swimwear, bras) - nightgowns, bathrobes - hats, ...
Production: -functional, corporate, advertising caps -cotton, yarn caps -cap caps -knitted hats -leggings -headbands -scarves -custom production -sports, club, fan scarves -knitted gloves -women's sets.

Our haberdashery U švadlenky offers you a wide range of haberdashery goods, which you can buy either in a stone shop or through our e-shop. We are richly stocked with all textile haberdashery. You will find basic tools for manual and machine sewing with us and you will definitely be interested in our offer of knitting, crochet and embroidery ...

The company ANISPORT s.r.o. is a retail store and e-shop with sportswear and functional underwear. The assortment includes women's, men's and children's sportswear and underwear. Retail, sale, e-shop: -Sportswear -Underwear: -women's, men's and children's -winter and summer functional underwear: -women's, men's and children's ...

-Wholesale and retail trade -Manufacture of textiles, textile products, clothing and clothing accessories

Clothes and fashion accessories Kashmir. Internet shop, eshop, sale: - sunglasses - ski goggles - T-shirts, sweatshirts.

Production, sale: - hand-painted silk scarves, shawls and ties - bobbin lace - hand-woven products - bobbin and painted paintings

Machine embroidery, textile production: - patches - embroidery - company logos. Embroidery on all textiles. Production: - boxer shorts - children's aprons, hats.

Custom production, sewing: - children's and teen braces - child safety braces - men's braces - special braces - men's suspenders - sheet tensioners - keychains.

Retail and wholesale: - veils - caps - headbands - hats Production - caps - headbands - hats

E-shop: - knitting yarn - haberdashery - neckties, hats - scarves, shawls, headbands - leggings

Sales online, eshop or in a store in Brno: -wedding shoes, wedding shoes, wedding accessories.

Textile production, production of leather gloves - walking, sports, special.

Retail, sale: - sheep products - sheep wool products - herbal balms - hemp products Wholesale, warehouse: - Airport 1578, 765 02 Otrokovice tel .: 603164910.

Retail, sale: -confection, clothing -coats, pants -hairies -dress -knitwear -hats -winter long and short coats, jackets. -Fashion Accessories.

Sales of products from disabled people and seniors: - sale of assortment from suppliers and sheltered workshops