Do you want to learn to dance? Choose from a selection of dance studios, which offers a countless variety of courses and methods of teaching. A variety of social Latin-american and standard dances, but also modern dance type hip-hop, break dancing or zumba and many more.

K L U B C E T T U M in Usti nad Orlici Lochmanova 1400, 562 01 Usti nad Orlici ticket office in the Information Center of the Municipal Office, tel. 465 514 271. Sale of tickets for cultural programs is always in the box office 1 hour before the show starts Offer programs   Cinema, Roškot Theater, theater for ...

Dance school: - dance classes - courses for the public - sport dance.

We have been working in the field of dance for 20 years.

Dance school: - dancing lessons - dance classes

Dancing club: - dance lessons - organizing competitions in dance sports

Dancing club: - teaching sports and ballroom dancing - dancing lessons

The oldest and most famous dance school in Zlín. Dance classes: - dance and social education courses for students - dance classes for adults - Salsa and Latin for women - children's dance and movement courses.

Restaurant: -menu of the day -garden Restaurant -garden fireplace, ice cream. Organizing: -social, corporate, birthday parties, weddings -capacity lounge 20 seats -garden restaurant 80 seats.

Trained Motion Systematics s.r.o. is engaged in dance training in the form of public courses in modern dance and the improvement of movement techniques following the management of its own dance group and production activities. from České Budějovice. Dance in many forms for all those interested: - Public modern dance courses for beginners in a ...

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