Choose from a great selection of music, entertainment, conversation, or also documentary, radio or television stations. Become listeners or viewers of the domestic and foreign stations and watch as live tv and radio broadcasts.

Alf servis, s.r.o.
The provider of wireless internet connection, including service for companies and households in Blansko and its surroundings, is Alf servis, s.r.o. We will connect your wireless TV and provide VOIP calls. Thanks to our company's wireless internet, you get a high-speed connection in your house or apartment. We have a choice of several ...
Kabelova televize Koprivnice, s.r.o. KTK, s.r.o.
Cable TV Kopřivnice, s.r.o. Services:  - operation of cable television  - television studio  - advertisement  - regional broadcasting  - Intelligence  - production of advertising films, video presentations, CDs, DVDs  - videotext television advertising  - broadcasting of urban news  - Computer animation, multimedia applications, ...
Radio United combines popular and established radio brands. It is a variant for private nationwide stations in conjunction of strong radio brands at reasonable prices. For addressing of specified groups, basic prices reach favourable values. Stations have a strong grouping of listeners for online broadcasting. According to the official ...

Management and maintenance: -residential and non-residential repair fund, rent. Services: -cable television -internet connection, high speed internet.

TKR Jašek, s.r.o. provides services under the brand. offers you television, internet and telephone services available in Wallachia in the localities of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Zubří, Střítež nad Bečvou, Zašová, Hošťálková, Ratiboř and Kateřinice.

Production: -audiovisual works: -sound production -post production -advertising radio and TV spots

Production and production of audiovisual works - production of advertising programs, documentaries - multi-camera shooting - dubbing - language versions of programs

Repair, service: - electronic and lamp accessories for musical instruments - musical instruments, sensors, apparatus for musical instruments, amplifiers, effects, parts of PA systems, DJ equipment ... etc.

We provide internet connection, TV connection via the Internet, landline via the Internet and mobile services. We offer a wide range of ICT services for companies, schools and other institutions according to the individual needs of customers. Internet connection: - optical internet - wireless Internet - cable internet.

Modern internet and satellite television service - DTH (Direct to home) service.

Private radio station, radio with a focus on classical music. Contact to the studio: - tel .: 739 987 987

Services - video portal, live internet broadcasts of sports and cultural events - video channel - sports broadcasts, live broadcasts

TV broadcast Sport 5 - sports television channel - sports programs.

TV Noah: - Non-commercial television with much of the broadcast for the Christian viewer.

Radio broadcasting for children - creation of children's radio programs - interviews, reports.