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Operation, service: - winning video lottery terminals (VLT) - gaming machines (VHP)

Production: - LCD monitors, cabinets and cable harnesses.

Production and operation of jukeboxes Jukeboxes Sound system for small and medium-sized events (parties, clubs, ..) Sound recording and post-production of concerts in Surround 5.1 sound. 64-track audio recording.

Production, delivery, assembly, sale, repair, service: - jukeboxes.

Rental and sale - gaming, entertainment and gaming devices.

Production, wholesale, retail: -asphalt targets for sport shooting -thrower. Distribution and sales: - slot machines from Germany.

Production and rental: - music machines - JUKE BOX.

Sales, rental and service - slot machines, devices - roulette

Sales and service: - gaming machines - slot machines.

Sales, rental and service of amusement machines.

Operation of video lottery terminals, electromechanical roulettes and other games.

Rental, rental, service: - amusement machines - darts, football, jukebox - cigarette vending machines

Delivery, sale: - casino and casino equipment - video lottery terminals (VLT), roulettes, dice - vending machines

Production and rental - jukeboxes - jukeboxes

Development, production: - gaming systems for the lottery and gaming industry