Are you going abroad? Don't forget to exchange money in exchange offices that deal with euros, pounds, dollars, rubles, crowns, kunami and other currencies. Exchange rates will provide you with information about the current rates for purchases and sales, for the currency and devizes.

Exchange network free of charge. The exchange office provides exchange rates for higher amounts. Our exchange office also offers Bulgarian levs, Croatian kunas, Hungarian forints, Polish zlotys, Romanian lei, Russian rubles, Turkish lira. Additional services: - telephone coupons and cards - motorway signs CZ, SK, A, CH, H, SLO - WESTERN ...

-Wholesale and retail trade -Manufacture, trade and services nec -Mediation of trade and services - exchange office

Shopping center, retail, wholesale, sale: -foodstuffs -cigarettes -alcoholic beverages -grocery store. Exchange office.

Exchange office - purchase and sale of currencies.

The bank, with operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, provides individual solutions to the financial needs of its clients.

Exchange office Hodonin Exchange firm Soukroma moravska exchange office spol. s r.o. provides currency exchange services. For both citizens and small businesses and large companies. Purchase and sale of foreign currency free of charge. We have daily exchange rates of the Czech National Bank, exchange rate list. Exchange of money Hodonin. The ...

Our exchange office will ensure advantageous sale and purchase of currencies at current CNB exchange rates. You can buy currencies from us, such as: -EUR -USD -SKK -GBP -CHF -NOK -SEK -DKK -HUF -PLN -HRK -JPY.

Soukromá moravská směnárna spol. s r.o. ensures advantageous sale and purchase of currencies and foreign currencies, such as: -EUR -USD -CHF -GBP -HRK -HUF -AUD -BGN -DKK -JPY -CAD -NOK -PLN -SEK

Offer: - mortgages - loans - debit and credit cards - direct banking - insurance - investment in mutual funds - current accounts - Internet banking - other banking services.