In addition to conventional fuel, such as gasoline and diesel fuel are beginning to widely use and alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, natural gas, propane-butane helena aviation kerosene. Safe fuel for sale in petrol stations.

AGRODRUZSTVO KLAS Zemedelske druzstvo Pardubice
Agrodružstvo Klas focuses on animal and plant production. We are breeding cattle, pigs and milk production. Our other activities include repair of agricultural machinery, locksmith work and we also run a fuel station, which can be found in the Rohoznice center. We are located in the village Křičeň, district Pardubice. Agricultural ...
LIAD, s.r.o. Cerpaci stanice
It is with us that you refuel with quality fuels at transparent prices. Our fuel filling station offers you high-quality and very affordable fuels for both petrol and diesel cars. You can use our services even if you use LPG as a drive. We offer Natural 95, Diesel and LPG. We are the first contactless filling station in Liberec. With us, ...
RABSTEJN, spol. s r.o. Cerpaci stanice
The company RABŠTEJN, spol. s r.o. operates a gas station. We offer natural 95, diesel, natural 95+ and bio diesel. We sell motor oils, car cosmetics and car accessories. You can find the gas station at Havlíčkova 893, Kolín IV.
The company AGROTECH, spol. s r. o. deals with mixed agricultural production, which means that in addition to work in the field, it also deals with animal husbandry. We manage approximately 1280 ha of agricultural land in five cadastral areas. This is the territory of the municipalities of Poličná, Branky, Choryně, Lhota and Juřinka. 1045 ha is ...

BENEFIT.tec s.r.o. focuses on inn activities and repairs of road vehicles.

Agricultural production: -vegetable -cereals, legumes, oilseeds, -vine, vineyard

Main activities: - butchery - charcuterie - sale of oils and PHM -construction activity - sale of machines - service and tire service -bakery -hotels and shops.

Construction company - construction of residential and civic buildings - industrial, engineering constructions - demolition of buildings, demolition - excavation work Building materials - sale of building materials Chomutovská 1742 431 11 Jirkov Tel, Fax: 474 684 084 Tel, Fax: 474 684 711 Gas station Dvořákova 1777 431 11 ...

Transport company KLACSKA s.r.o. is a member of the Klacska Group and provides logistics services for gas stations. We focus on local and foreign tank transport, gas station supply and fuel transport. Among other things, we supply filling stations from OMV, MOL, SHELL, UNIPETROL, etc., but we also import fuel to individual customers, such as ...

-Maintenance of motor vehicles and their accessories - Real estate activity, management and maintenance of properties -Manufacturing, trade and services not elsewhere classified - Mediation of business and services -Wholesale and retail -Storage, packaging of goods, cargo handling and technical activities in transport Road motor transport - ...

Construction Division: - land, transport and engineering construction. Business Division: - fuel store - trade in euro prisms and exotic lumber.

Car service, car repair, service, repair, repairs: -personal cars -car bodies, car bodies, bodywork, bodywork, bodywork work, car body -auto painting work, car paint shop, car painting -painting of plastics. Services: -car wash, washroom, car wash -preparation for MOT. Gas station.

-Wholesale and retail -Storage, packaging of goods, cargo handling and technical activities in transport

Services: - domestic transport -foreign -freight - bus -repairs of trucks - washing vehicles - refueling fuel.

Gas station. Sale: - fuel - LPG.

Replacement natural gas supply. Alternative fuels for vehicles. Wholesale: - compressed natural gas for driving buses.

Transport, road transport: - truck domestic, international transportation. Services: - shipping -forwarding activity, forwarding, extraction. Sale: -propellants, PHM. Place of business: - Kopřivnice - Tatra area.

Passenger transport - René Zeman tel., fax: 518323229 Gas station, car wash tel., fax: 518322716 Opening hours: nonstop. Information tel .: 518 322 690.

Sale and delivery of propane-butane, LPG and propane in bottles. Design and assembly in the field of gas equipment.