Choose from a selection of artificial as well as natural abrasives, such as sandstone, emery, quartz, silicon carbide or diamond. With the diamond, as the hardest mineral, sharpening a very fragile materials, such as sintered carbides, gray cast iron or ceramic.

Production, sale: - abrasive materials, ecological abrasive AMT - blasting agents backfill material.

Sales of fasteners, tools, abrasives, construction chemicals, anchoring equipment, etc.

-Manufacture of building materials, porcelain, ceramic and plaster products -Wholesale and retail trade

Sales, e-shop: - abrasive - packaging technology - cartons and packaging - fasteners - bearings - oils and lubricants.

Wholesale: - raw stones suitable for abrasive, decorative, esoteric and other purposes - polished, sawn and similar naturally modified stones

Wholesale, retail, sale - colors - varnishes - paints - putties - abrasive. Another store: - address: Erbenova 790, Mladá Boleslav 293 01 - tel. 778 718 809.