Internet connection today can provide almost anywhere. You can choose the wireless Wi-Fi connection, ISDN telephone connection or high speed connection using ADSL technology. Connection speed is measured in Mbps and affects the amount of the monthly fee.

Quantcom, a.s. (Dial Telecom) Telekomunikacni operator Praha
An alternative telecommunication operator. VOICE SERVICES - ISDN30.WAY Optimum solution of your company telephone services by ISDN30 line connection - CALL.WAY PLUS Solution of your voice services by using operator dialling code - VOIP.WAY Direct connection telephone service implemented via Internet connection - ISDN2.WAY Optimum ...
Alf servis, s.r.o.
The provider of wireless internet connection, including service for companies and households in Blansko and its surroundings, is Alf servis, s.r.o. We will connect your wireless TV and provide VOIP calls. Thanks to our company's wireless internet, you get a high-speed connection in your house or apartment. We have a choice of several ...
Ceske Radiokomunikace a.s.
Television and radio broadcasting. Telecommunication services. Internet connection.
Retail, sales, repair, service: - computing and office technology Services: -Internet Access

Complete advertising services: -graphic designs -graphics cut by plotter -graphics for cars, shop windows, shields, exhibition stands -illuminated advertising -orientation systems -advertising items with printing -visitors -memory sheets -screen printing -copying A3-A5 -printing of the tarpaulin. Sales, service, repair: -hardware ...

Our company deals with the provision of internet connection for households and companies, the installation of security cameras and the installation of TV antennas and distribution systems.

An association operating a non-public Wi-Fi network within the city.

Sales, e-shop: -computers -notebooks, monitors -printers, PC components, MP3 / MP4, headphones, speakers -gaming console -LCD and plasma TV -digital cameras -mobile phones + accessories authorized dealer of Telefónica O2 and T-Mobile -GPS navigation -quality cartridges for printers - originals and refurbishments -CD, DVD, flash disks, ...

Services: -Internet connection Retail, sales, repair, service: -computing

Sales, retail, repair, service: -computers, PC** - components and accessories - creation of Internet, www* pages - custom software.

Sales, service, repairs - computers, laptops, tablets - Mobile Phones - monitors - printers Services - Internet Access

Providing comprehensive services in the field of computing and communication systems.

- Management of reproductive material of forest trees -Production of feed, feed mixtures, additives and premixes -Machinery and equipment production -Wholesale and retail -Accommodation services - Provision of software, consulting in the field of information technology, data processing, hosting and related activities and web portals - Real ...