Internet connection today can provide almost anywhere. You can choose the wireless Wi-Fi connection, ISDN telephone connection or high speed connection using ADSL technology. Connection speed is measured in Mbps and affects the amount of the monthly fee.

M-SOFT, spol. s r.o.
HOT LINE service (consultancy by phone). Retail trade, sale, installation: -computing machinery, computers, hardware, PC BRAVE, IBM, LEO, TOSHIBA, ACER -printers HEWLETT PACKARD, BROTHER, PANASONIC, EPSON, CANON -monitors SAMSUNG, PHILIPS, EIZO, ADI, HYUNDAI, WIEVSONIC -hard disks -working / laptops -software NOVELL, MICROSOFT, LINUX, ...
Dial Telecom, a.s. Telekomunikacni operator Praha
An alternative telecommunication operator. VOICE SERVICES - ISDN30.WAY Optimum solution of your company telephone services by ISDN30 line connection - CALL.WAY PLUS Solution of your voice services by using operator dialling code - VOIP.WAY Direct connection telephone service implemented via Internet connection - ISDN2.WAY Optimum ...
Antonin Vymetal
Our company is active throughout the Olomouc Region and provides services in the field of Internet connection, system optimization, PC virus removal, data recovery and software installation. We provide wireless internet in and around Konice at unbeatable prices. In addition to services related to the Internet, we also provide installation of ...
M-SOFT, spol. s r.o. - Digitalsys s.r.o.
HOT LINE service (consultancy by phone). Retail trade, sale, installation: -computing machinery, computers, hardware, PC BRAVE, IBM, LEO, TOSHIBA, ACER -printers HEWLETT PACKARD, BROTHER, PANASONIC, EPSON, CANON -monitors SAMSUNG, PHILIPS, EIZO, ADI, HYUNDAI, WIEVSONIC -hard disks -working storages -notebooks -software NOVELL, ...
Alf servis, s.r.o.
The provider of wireless internet connection, including service for companies and households in Blansko and its surroundings, is Alf servis, s.r.o. We will connect your wireless TV and provide VOIP calls. Thanks to our company's wireless internet, you get a high-speed connection in your house or apartment. We have a choice of several ...
M-SOFT, spol. s r.o. - Digitalsys s.r.o.
The company M-SOFT, spol. s.r.o., Jihlava provides wireless internet connection wi-fi and optical connection. The company has a store in Jihlava and a branch in Telč, where it has sales, warranty service, repair of computers, PCs, tablets, laptops and other accessories. The company expanded its sales to e-shop throughout the Czech Republic. It ...
OpavaNet a.s. Internet + Televize + Telefon
OpavaNet a.s. It has been providing you with quality internet in Opava and its surroundings for many years. We also offer internet and telephone services, cable and digital HD TV, data transmission, security solutions, web hosting and web design. In the cities of Opava, Bruntal, Novy Jicin, Horni Benesov and part of Ostrava, the company has ...
Kabelova televize Koprivnice, s.r.o. KTK, s.r.o.
Cable TV Kopřivnice, s.r.o. Services:  - operation of cable television  - television studio  - advertisement  - regional broadcasting  - Intelligence  - production of advertising films, video presentations, CDs, DVDs  - videotext television advertising  - broadcasting of urban news  - Computer animation, multimedia applications, ...
Services: - wireless internet connection - VoIP voice services - hosting - network management.

Services: - cable television - Internet connection - installation of satellite antennas and terrestrial antennas

Services: - High speed wireless internet connection - VoIP - Internet calling - Internet TV - camera systems.

MCnet s.r.o. since 1998 he has been working in the field of network technologies, hardware and software management and the Internet. In the field of computer networks, it provides complete solutions related to your own project through implementation to service. Trained specialists from MCnet s.r.o. It offers you a quality and optimal solution to ...

Services: - Internet connection - service and installation of data networks.

Services: - Internet Access - VoIP - cable TV - construction of telecommunication networks - delivery and installation of aluminum structures.

Internet and telecommunication services.

Services: - provision of high-speed internet connection.

The PCS Group unites several Czech companies operating in a number of high-technology areas. PCS Systems s.r.o. represents one of the most significant creators of software for healthcare in the Czech Republic.

Wholesale, sale of materials: - for the foundation of buildings, construction of linear structures - for roads - for engineering networks - construction chemistry. Import of motor vehicles from abroad. Rental property. Internet connection - we operate an optical data network for Kroměříž, Holešov.

Provider of fixed and mobile Internet connection. ViaNET Internet connection. Virtual mobile operator.

Services: -network management -consulting and outsourcing.

Creation of internet presentations, electronic shops (e-shops), NetPublicator publishing system.