Pamper your canine pets in studios, spas and hotels. Waiting is full of care, accommodation, babysitting, regular dog walking, long walks, shearing, medical treatment, treatments, nails, bathing, feeding according to the custom, any administration of drugs and other activities.

MVDr. Petr Johanides Veterinarni klinika
In the modern veterinary clinic MVDr. Petr Johanides from Zdar nad Sazavou your pets will get the best possible care. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, such as 3D laparoscopy, neurosurgery, video endoscopy or CT examination of the dog and cat, the clinic is able to perform even the most demanding procedures at the best possible level. In ...
Vet-centrum Kbely s.r.o. veterinarni ordinace
Complete services of a veterinary surgery: X-ray, blood collection and examination, possibility of inhalation anesthesia, ECG, microscopic examination, sonography, chipping, tartar removal, issuance of passports for animals, consulting, preventive examinations and tests, vaccination, sale of drugs and veterinary feed, deworming, laboratory ...
Work: - cleaning - ground - sewerage - plasterboard - plumbing - heating. Services: - grooming dogs - shortening of claws. Branch: - Letovice - Meziříčko 57, 679 61.

Veterinary office: - treatment, examination of animals. Services: -cutting and grooming of dogs.

Kennel: - Bichon dog breed. Services: - dog salon - dog grooming.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel kennel. Cutting and grooming dogs.

Salon Sten, services: - dog salon - grooming and grooming dogs.

Services: -hotel for cats -cat kennel

Dog salon - cutting - bathing - ear and claw trimming - trimming - combing

- grooming dogs - sale of clothes, cosmetics, accessories.

Salon Marysa: - dog salon - dog grooming - pulling out the hairs from the ears - cleaning of the anal glands - complete grooming of dogs - cutting out paws - cutting claws. E-shop, online store: - pet supplies for dogs, cats, rodents - clothes - beds - fodder - hygiene supplies - crates.

- Breeding of domestic and zoo animals and provision of related services

Hotel for cats. Accommodation of cats for holidays, etc.