Pamper your canine pets in studios, spas and hotels. Waiting is full of care, accommodation, babysitting, regular dog walking, long walks, shearing, medical treatment, treatments, nails, bathing, feeding according to the custom, any administration of drugs and other activities.

MVDr. Petr Johanides Veterinarni klinika
In the modern veterinary clinic MVDr. Petr Johanides from Zdar nad Sazavou your pets will get the best possible care. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, such as 3D laparoscopy, neurosurgery, video endoscopy or CT examination of the dog and cat, the clinic is able to perform even the most demanding procedures at the best possible level. In ...
Vet-centrum Kbely s.r.o.
Complete services of a veterinary surgery: X-ray, blood collection and examination, possibility of inhalation anesthesia, ECG, microscopic examination, sonography, chipping, tartar removal, issuance of passports for animals, consulting, preventive examinations and tests, vaccination, sale of drugs and veterinary feed, deworming, laboratory ...
Psi Sluzby Maja
Dog hotel and salon Mája: - hotel for dogs, cats, rodents - grooming, bathing dogs.
Psi salon Oliver
The main job of our Dog Salon Oliver is mainly grooming dogs (we adjust all breeds of dogs for shows) and cats. We also provide retail sales of dog grooming supplies, cosmetics, various accessories and activities. For those interested, we organize courses and training and also sell accessories and accessories, especially branded goods, organizing ...
Complete care for your four-legged pets: - cutting - trimming - swimming - Wellness treatments - bubble bath - mud wraps - ozone therapy - aromatherapy

Dog salon. Services: - dog grooming -trimming -bathing dogs. Free: - for cutting: depilation of ear hairs, nail trimming, counseling. Sale: -dog outfits -granules for dogs, cats -vitamins for dogs, cosmetics and supplements. -25 meters next to the Central restaurant

Dog salon: -we adjust all breeds and hybrids. Services: -bathing, combing, drying, cutting, trimming, shortening claws, cutting paws, adjustment according to standard.

Eva Káňová has a mobile dog studio where she offers grooming, dental treatment, spa for dogs (mud wraps, aroma baths).

Veterinary clinic and surgery. Veterinary, therapeutic and preventive treatment of dogs, cats, ferrets, small rodents, reptiles and exotic animals. -RTG, USG -dental ultrasound -chipping and passports -surgery -interna -laboratory examination -hospitalization -consulting Sales of feed and clinical diets. Sales of breeding ...

Helena Sokolová focuses on the provision of cosmetic services for dogs and cats and the sale of feed and pet supplies.

Dog salon - bathing - blow drying - combing out - cutting - shaving - ear cleaning - depilation of ear hairs - cutting claws - paw care - cleaning of the anal glands - tick removal - consultancy

Family hotel for dogs, cats and small animals. Your pets will feel at home here. We approach your animals completely individually, according to your requirements and instructions, we take care of them as our own. Our hotel is surrounded by forests, so there is no shortage of beautiful walks in nature.

Vanessa Kuzmová runs the Safira dog hotel with a run and walks.

Grooming and grooming dogs, additional sales.

Work: - cleaning - ground - sewerage - plasterboard - plumbing - heating. Services: - grooming dogs - shortening of claws. Branch: - Letovice - Meziříčko 57, 679 61.

Services: - cutting and grooming dogs

Dog hotel, dog care - bathing, cutting and trimming of dogs or trimming of claws, cleaning of anal glands and ears.

Dog salon: - grooming dogs - swimming -combing of felted hair - trimming - depilation of ear hair - claw cutting - sale of clothes, treats, toys and supplies for your dog pets.

Dog salon for all dog breeds. Bathing dogs up to 50 kg in weight. Hair and claw trimming, waxing of earlobes, cleaning of anal glands.

Kennel - medium schnauzer pepper and salt. Dog salon Hotel FOR dogs

Exercises, massages, dog grooming, workshops, lectures, consulting, business.

Chico dog salon Complete care for your pets. Every fifth visit for FREE Cutting according to the standard and wishes of the customer, classic combing of long-haired breeds, combing of felted dogs, trimming, treatment of coat with balm and conditioner.