KOVOBLESK KPS OPAVA s.r.o. is from Czech Republic, a European Union member state. We are a producer and seller of components for lightning protection systems, chimney and technical brushes for universal use and fine and coarse grinding applications. We are the experts in chimney accessories, including exhaust ducting, chimney pipes and elbows. Our products are delivered to the Austrian and German markets.

Our stable company has high quality equipment, our own fleet of delivery vehicles, and a reliable and competent team happy to answer all your specific requests.

Production and sales:

- industrial brushes for machine and manual applications
- technical brushes
- lightning conductors
- parts for lightning and grounding protection systems
- chimney pipe
- conductive strands in other structures per design requirements.
- aluminium roof snow stops, cross and solid type
- complete line for cleaning chimney pipe and stone
- chimney supplies
- chimney brushes – steel, nylon, fibreglass, stainless
- chimney cleaning tools - rotary tools and brushes
- exhaust duct, including accessories - thin-walled, thick-walled, stainless
- scuttles, metal stove pads and hardware, doors and covers
- chimney clean-outs
- cleaning and technical brushes.

Stainless steel liners are becoming commonplace on today’s new construction chimneys. Our company manufactures and delivers chimney brushes manufactured from stainless steel wire to ensure thorough and careful cleaning of stainless steel liners as well as rope adapters on PVC chimney brushes.

Our company is fully stabilised and equipped:

- with quality machine tools
- an in-house fleet of delivery vehicles
- a reliable and competent team.

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