Pridal s.r.o.



We are an established, purely Czech company from the Olomouc Region, focused on machine engineering and metal production. It was established in 1991 as PRIMA Kralice and in 1999 it transformed into the Pridal s.r.o. company. We carry out not only CNC bending of tubes and sections, but we also specialize in producing single-purpose machines and suspended conveyors, including roll bending of exchangers and spirals. We are here not only for customers from the whole Czech and Slovak Republic, but we also supply all our products to foreign countries.

Metal fabrication:
- Roll bending and edge bending of sheet metal
- Roll bending and bending of tubes and sections from R250 (axially)
- Roll bending of single and multiple heat exchanger spirals (including pressure test)
- Rolling the handrail on the railing, bending and curving lubrication lines
- Machine fitting production / metalwork
- Production of weldments and chassis
- MIG, TIG, CO2 welding - steel, aluminium, stainless steel, capacitor welding bolts and screws
- Molding and pressing
- Machine and CNC working
- Machining of special types of steel (12 XXX, 15 XXX, 17 XXX, 19 XXX grades)
- 3D and flat milling of plastics, light metals and wood
- Material cutting.

Engineering production:
- Machines
- Machine single-purpose equipment
- Overhead conveyors
- Band conveyors
- Belt transport tables
- Production of cutting, breaking and pressing jigs
- Machining on CNC machines
- Custom production - atypical products.

- Scissors tables
- Handling trucks
- Ironing tables and presses
- Shaped pieces for clothing and textile industry
- Conveyor system
- Cutting automatic machines
- Stackable containers
- Assembly tables
- Mobile skew ramps.

Design, production, installation:
- Conveyor systems.

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Locksmith work


Machinery for textile and leather industry


Machining, turning and milling work




Single-purpose and special machines


Transport and handling equipment


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single-purpose machines, suspended conveyors, bending of tubes sections, production roll bending of exchangers spirals